The Aquatic Academy has humble roots. It all began with the company’s founder, Charyl Teal, in her backyard pool teaching her two young children how to swim. Her neighbors took notice and began asking her if she could teach their kids how to swim as well, concerned about the dangers of an unsupervised backyard pool. She gladly agreed to do so, and this arrangement eventually grew into the business it is today – The Aquatic Academy.

Even as the business continues to grow, Charyl still holds her central ideals at heart which motivate her to share her knowledge and expertise with those around her.  Those ideals being that learning to swim is an essential life skill and that “no one is ever really safe around the water unless they have the knowledge and skills necessary to swim independently”.

She has also maintained the familiar, family-like atmosphere that makes the Aquatic Academy so unique from most other swim schools.

Today, the Aquatic Academy has 13 dedicated coaches across two locations, all trained under Coach Charyl’s results-driven method and serving countless clients. The business is continuously growing, but never so much as to lose its central vision of providing quality instruction to all our neighbors.

Our Qualifications:

Founder, Owner, Operator and Lead Coach Charyl Teal has more than 35 years experience in the water, as both a competitive swimmer and coach.

She shares her knowledge with our team of coaches, each of which undergoes her rigorous 100-hour training program. This program focuses on an intensive approach to swim instruction that aims for safety and results.

The Aquatic Academy is:

  • Red Cross Certified in WSI, First Aid, CPR, Lifeguarding
  • Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Provider
  • Licensed Training Partner with the Red Cross
  • Swim America License

Our Mission:

The Aquatic Academy aims to enable all our neighbors, of all ages, to swim with confidence; and to make the backyard pool a safe place for the whole family.           

Enroll now at the Aquatic Academy, and see a difference in 6-8 week! Not knowing how to swim can be dangerous. Here at the Aquatic Academy, we guarantee all swimmers will be more skilled safer swimmers by the time they leave our program. We offer group classes for all ages and swim levels (adults too). For a more personal approach, we offer private spotlight classes. That’s 1 or 2 students per instructor. Semi-Private Lessons are great for siblings! Visit us at www.theaquaticacademy.net or call/text 28-594-SWIM(7946) to begin your adventure in swimming.

Our Policies:

No Call/No Show Policy: We will make a courtesy call to remind you of your class dates and times. If the swimmer frequently misses class we will contact you to be sure the class dates and times still work with your schedule. If the swimmer cannot be reached after 3 consecutive misses we will remove the swimmer from all future classes.

Absence Policy: Please give a 24 hour notice for an expected missed class. We run a weekly absent report. If we see 2 consecutive absences we will contact you via email/text/call to be sure all is okay and that you are planning to return to classes. If you miss 3 consecutive classes we will automatically unenroll the student from classes. If a student is absent and classes have been pre-paid we will reschedule your missed classes during our mini makeup session (3 weeks following any regularly scheduled session). If at the end of a full session and the mini makeup session the students account was pre-paid and absences reflect that there is a credit we will issue an email stating you have an account credit and that you have one year from that date to use said credit.

Registration Policy: At The Aquatic Academy we have a $25 annual registration policy per family. This is to be paid at the start of lessons if a new enrollment and annually thereafter. We will send an email stating your Annual Registration is due on the Anniversary of your initial enrollment.

Pool Closure Policy: Pool closures will happen. During the summer in our outdoor location they happen most likely due to inclement weather. We continue lessons in a light rain provided there are no lightning strikes within 7 miles. During our Fall/Winter/Spring sessions pool closures will  happen due to Natatorium Closures or accidents in the pool water (vomit/fecal matter). Should a pool closure of any type happen we will notify you as quickly as possible of cancelled classes. If your account is pre-paid we will issue a makeup token to your account for you to reschedule at your convenience or to use during our mini makeup session.

Payment(s) Policy: At The Aquatic Academy we believe in getting what you pay for, and working with the client. We accept cash, credit and checks. You may pay for your classes the day of or in advance. We can also send an invoice via Square. If you are taking group lessons and would like to pre-pay for all classes in advance you will receive a discount. Discounts vary based on size of class package purchased.

Parental Supervision Policy: We require a parent/guardian to maintain direct supervision of all children under the age of 16 at all times. The parent/guardian must remain in the facility in case of a medical emergency.

Bubble Babies Policy: Parent’s are required to be in the water with their child at every lesson.