Customer Portal Help

If an account is going to be prepaid for 8 or more lessons, please contact the office to apply your discount. The system does not automatically apply this.

Customer Portal – Our Customer Portal is available to all students and parents. Payments can be made in full or partial installments. (If your account says past due, partial payments will not work, please notify the office so we change the date for you) Please note that the customer portal works best with FireFox or Google Chrome.

  • Partial Payment How-to
    • Go to Account
    • Select the Payments tab
    • Select Make a Payment
    • Scroll to Charges Due Today
    • Select the class you want to pay
    • Once you select the class under the payment amount it will say Pay a Different Amount
    • Put in the amount you want to pay

Electronic Invoice – With an electronic invoice, once requested, students or parents will receive an e-mail with an invoice with a link to make a payment. Just click the link to Square and it will ask for payment information.

Cash, Checks and in person payments – We are trying to limit as much contact with everyone as possible but we will accept payment in person.

Cash app, Zelle, Pay Pal and other money transfer apps – We are unable to reliably accept any money transfers.

We have many ways to make payments, if you need any assistance please give us a call 281-594-SWIM (7946)